Bioinformatics & Medical Informatics

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Bioinformatics & Medical Informatics Graduate Program at San Diego State University! We are an interdisciplinary Masters program with researchers from a variety of pure and applied sciences and public health programs.

Ever wondered what it takes to discover a new drug, or to understand the underlying mechanism of a disease, or how researchers were able to analyze the SARS-CoV2 genome to develop an mRNA vaccine within days? It takes chemistry and biology, but it also takes computer science. The complexity of biological systems and vast amounts of data that new technologies produce require extensive computer skills.

Today, there is an acute need for graduates with just such a multidisciplinary background, both in academia and in industry. In industry, this need extends beyond biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and health care sectors, and is felt in such areas as homeland security and information technology.

BMI News

Congratulations to our graduating class of Spring 2024! Pictured here with Interim Director, Dr. Arun Sethuraman (L-R): Tristan Jang, Jenna Armstrong, Dr. Sethuraman, Priyanshi Shah, Sakshi Pradhan, Shayan Akhavan.

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