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Program Prerequisites

The following courses should preferably be taken before enrolling in the program. Applicants who have not taken them, however, may still be accepted but must successfully complete them in the first year of the program. If you are missing one or more requirements you can be conditionally accepted to the program. The SDSU course numbers are given as a reference, but it is not necessary to take these courses at our university.

Requirement Equivalent SDSU Course Numbers
Calculus or Calculus for Life-Science Majors MATH150-151 or MATH121-122
Organic Chemistry CHEM232
Genetics and Evolution BIOL351, BIOL352

Please note that some of these courses have their own prerequisites, but we only require students to have credit for the courses listed above.

The most up-to-date SDSU Graduate Application process can be found at the SDSU Graduate studies webpage: https://grad.sdsu.edu/prospective_students/program_applications

NOTE: San Diego State University has suspended the GRE/GMAT requirement as a campus-wide application requirement for all graduate programs and the BMI program does NOT require the GRE/GMAT.

Application Checklist

NOTE: You must complete BOTH the Cal State Apply Application (1) AND submit your program application material to Interfolio (2). Also, Cal State Apply does NOT keep your transcript on file. So if you are reapplying to the program you must send transcripts again.

  1. University Online Application via Cal State Apply – Open Oct 1, 2023 completed by Feb 1, 2024. 
    • All applicants must fill out an online application on Cal State Apply and pay the required fees.
    • A SDSU RED ID Number will then be assigned which allows tracking of application status.
    • Please note that it is not necessary to submit your personal statement as part of your online application. In its place, you may write “statement of purpose sent directly to program office”.
    • For international students you have additional requirements: International Applications
  2. Program Application – Must be completed by March 1, 2024.
    • Complete the program application at Interfolio. (If this link is broken, please see the SDSU graduate application link and select “Program Application – Interfolio/Open Program Applications”.)
    • The BMI graduate program application requires the following items:
      • CV (Curriculum Vitae) — not to exceed two pages
      • Statement of purpose describing your motivating interest in the program, research interests, and educational and professional goals
      • Copies of transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (these do not need to be sent directly from the colleges – photocopies are acceptable)
      • Two letters of recommendation – from persons in a position to judge academic ability should be provided with the application in Interfolio.
      • Instructions on how to check your application status: https://admissions.sdsu.edu/graduate/applied
  3. THE GRE IS NOT REQUIRED for the BMI program. 
  4. While we try to send acceptances and rejections by April, the admissions process has been slow for many applicants which is out of the control of the program. International students seem to experience longer wait time because of the need to verify transcripts.