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Biological Sciences

Jennifer Fouquier 
Currently PhD student University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, graduated from the Kelley Lab
>> Visit Jennifer’s Web Page
Amy Goodmanson
Valafar Group
>> Visit Amy’s Web Page
Eric Hester
Currently Senior Bioinformatician at NIZO, graduated from the Rohwer Lab
>> Visit Eric’s Web Page
Maeoll Kim
Bohonak Lab
>> Visit Maeoll’s Web Page
Seema Patel, PhD 
Currently at Reprogene, graduated from Valafar Group
>> Visit Seema’s Web Page
Sarah Ramirez-Busby 
Currently at Verogen, graduated from Valafar Group
>> Visit Sarah’s Web Page
Anais Aoki 
Currently USGS, graduated from Sethuraman Lab
>> Visit Anais’ Web Page
Michael Kuzminskiy 
Currently Computational Biologist at Prosci, graduated from Sethuraman Lab
>> Visit Michael’s Web Page
Khuyen Nguyen 
Currently Scientist at Illumina, graduated from Sethuraman Lab
>> Visit Khuyen’s Web Page
Gavrila Ang 
Currently Research Associate at UCSD, graduated from Sethuraman Lab
>> Visit Gavrila’s Web Page
Adrian Ortiz Velez 
Currently PhD student in Sukumaran Lab, graduated from Kelley Lab
>> Visit Adrian’s Web Page
Paul Fryling Currently in Clinical Informatics at Moderna, graduated from Kelley Lab
>> Visit Paul’s Web Page
Majid Salami Currently Bioinformatics Scientist at Illumina
>> Visit Majid’s Web Page
Megha Bhagat Currently Business Analyst at RR Donnelly, graduated from Waters Lab
>> Visit Megha’s Web Page
Priyadarshini Mamindla Currently Bioinformatics Systems Programmer at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
>> Visit Priyadarshini’s Web Page
Bharat Bharadwaj Currently Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, graduated from Waters Lab
>> Visit Bharat’s Web Page
Stephanie Feudjio Feupe Currently Bioinformatics Scientist at Ambry Genetics, graduated from Valafar Lab
>> Visit Stephanie’s Web Page
Thomas Drudge
Graduated from Kelley Lab
>> Visit Thomas’ Web Page
Jon W Huss
Currently CTO of gravityAI, Graduated from Valafar Group
>> Visit Jon’s Web Page
Kejue Jia
Currently Associate Scientist at Yale University
>> Visit Kejue’s Web Page
Mikyung Kim>> Visit Kejue’s Web Page
Chris Peters>> Visit Chris’ Web Page
Azhar Salim>> Visit Azhar’s Web Page
Jill Wegrzyn
Currently Associate Professor of Computational Biology at University of Connecticut
>> Visit Jill’s Web Page
Christopher Morrissey
Currently Senior Scientist at Illumina, graduated from Sethuraman Lab
>> Visit Chris’ Web Page

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Physical Sciences

Mona Alotaibi
>> Visit Mona’s Web Page
Lauryn R. Keeler
Currently PhD Candidate at UCSD, graduated from Doran Lab
>> Visit Lauryn’s Web Page
Adam MarkCurrently Senior Bioinformatics Data Scientist at Rosalind>> Visit Adam’s Web Page
Ian Pierce
>> Visit Ian’s Web Page

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Health Sciences

Surabhi Choudhary
Currently Senior Project Manager at Helm360, graduated from Valafar Group
>> Visit Surabhi’s Web Page
Guillermo A. Sanz-Berney, MD>> Visit Guillermo’s Web Page

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Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Anusha Chimmiri>> Visit Anusha’s Web Page
Garrett L. Cookson
>> Visit Garrett’s Web Page
Iryna DzieciuchNow Principal, Computer Vision Scientist at IPD Scientific>> Visit Iryna’s Web Page
Andrew G. Hatch, PhD
Now Bioinformatics Scientist at Thermofisher, graduated from Segall Lab
>> Visit Andrew’s Web Page
Tiffany Y. Liang
Now Senior Data Scientist at Prolacta Bioscience, graduated from Edwards Lab
>> Visit Tiffany’s Web Page

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Anu M. Amallraja
Now Computational Biologist at MSKCC, graduated from Valafar Group
>> Visit Anu’s Web Page
Ke Kang Now Life Sciences Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific>> Visit Ke’s Web Page

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Rajvir GrewalNow Associate Scientist at Cidara Therapeutics >> Visit Rajvir’s Web Page
Aniket Shetty
Segall Lab
>> Visit Aniket’s Web Page