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Beyond the required core courses, students choose elective courses to continue and focus their bioinformatics education and skill sets. Elective courses are intended to assist students with their research and are best chosen in consultation with the thesis advisor. Online catalog version.

Core Courses 18 units  
Elective Courses 12 units  
Total 30 units  

Core Courses

BIOMI 568 (same as BIOL 568) – Bioinformatics (3)

Bioinformatics analysis methods and programming skills. Practical bioinformatic software for sequence analysis, bioinformatic algorithms and programming fundamentals. Click here to access syllabus from Fall 2022.

BIOMI 668 (same as BIOL 668) – Advanced Biological Data Analysis (3)

Advanced practical bioinformatics skills and theory. Includes Linux and R programming, Object-oriented Python, and other scripting languages used in bioinformatics. Also covers theory and practice of algorithms for genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, and machine learning. Click here to access syllabus from Spring 2023.

BIOMI 609 (same as CS 609) – Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics (3)

Biological and genomics data. Application of computational algorithms to biological questions. Post-genomics techniques in annotation and comparison of microbial and eukaryotic genome sequences. Click here to access syllabus from Spring 2023.

BIOL 606 – Biological Data (3)

Concepts and applications of advanced statistical techniques in the biological sciences to include multivariate statistics, analysis of discrete data, spatial statistics, time series analysis, and Monte Carlo methods (e.g. bootstrapping and randomization tests). Click here to access syllabus from Spring 2023.

BIOMI 797 – Research (1-3)

Research in one of the fields of bioinformatics and medical informatics.

BIOMI 799A – Thesis or Project (3)

Preparation of a project or thesis for the master’s degree.

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Elective Courses (12 Units)

Students have the choice of Elective units that can be taken at the 500-level or higher in BIOMI, BIOL, CHEM, COMP, CS, MATH or STATS.