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Andrew Bohonak, PhD
Evolution, molecular ecology and conservation genetics
Special Interest: Freshwater Invertebrates, population genetics, population ecology, estimation of gene flow and dispersal, invasion genetics, systematics.
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Marina Kalyuzhnaya, PhD
One-carbon metabolism: systems biology and engineering.
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Scott T. Kelley, PhD
Metagenomics and Bioinformatics
Studying microbiomes, metabolomes and viromes of human and built environments. Developing new bioinformatics software and performing big data analysis of microbial community data.
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Lluvia Flores-Renteria, PhD
Evolutionary ecology and conservation genetics
Special Interest: Our lab studies population genomics, phylogenomics and metagenomics to understand plants and their symbionts.
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Dwayne Roach, PhD
Microbiology (bacteriophage), immunology, genomics/bioinformatics, in vivo and mathematical models, and clinical research.
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Forest Rohwer, PhD
Viruses, Human Microbiome, Marine Ecosystems
Metagenomics, phage and coral reef ecology
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Anca Segall, PhD
Functional Genomics, phage
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Jeet Sukumaran, PhD
Computational Evolutionary Biology, Phylogenetics
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E Waters Elizabeth Waters, PhD
Evolutionary Biology
Special Interest: Molecular Adaptation and the Origin of Land Plants
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Ricardo Zayas, PhD
Stem Cell Biology
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R Zeller Robert Zeller, PhD
Molecular Biology
Special interests Gene regulatory networks in primitive chordates
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A Sethuraman Arun Sethuraman, PhD
Computational Evolutionary Biology, Population Genetics
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C Zuniga Cristal Zuñiga, PhD
Computational Systems Biology, Constrain-based Metabolic Modeling
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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Mikael Bergdahl, PhD
Organic Chemistry
Special interests: Synthases
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John Love, PhD
Special Interest: Protein design and engineering: Driving novel protein/protein associations by computational and experimental design
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Manal Swairjo, PhD
Special interests: Structural bioinformatics and metabolic pathways.
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Computer Science

Valafar Faramarz Valafar, PhD
Infectious Disease Genomics, Genomic Dark Matter, Epigenetics, de novo Genome and Methylome Assembly, Evolutionary and Functional Genomics
Special interests: Functional and evolutionary consequences of variations in genetic dark matter, genomic structure, and methylome in emergence of drug resistance in infectious diseases, especially in pathogenesis of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb)
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Wei Wang Wei Wang, PhD
Wireless networking and medical image processing
Special interests: Breast cancer imaging classification and wireless epileptic seizure detection
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 T Xie Tao Xie, PhD
Computer Science
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Ashkan_Photo4 Ashkan Ashrafi, PhD
Digital Signal Processing; Biomedical Signal Processing
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Parag Katira, PhD
Biomolecular Motors, Cell Mechanics, Mechanosensing, Tissue Dynamics, Soft Matter Interactions, Design of Active Materials
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 S Kumar Sunil Kumar, PhD
Electrical Engineering
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Y Ozturk Yusuf Ozturk, PhD
Electrical Engineering
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A Szeto Andrew Szeto, PhD
Biomedical Instrumentation
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Mathematics & Statistics

B Bailey Barbara Bailey, PhD
Ecology of cystic fibrosis, Nonlinear time series
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 photo_not_available Jianwei Chen, PhD
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K Duncan Kristin Duncan, PhD
Item response models (psychometrics);
Nonparametric Bayesian models;
Assessing fit of Bayesian models;
Survey methodology.
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 J Fan Juanjuan Fan, PhD
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Richard Levine Richard Levine, PhD
Statistics, biostatistics, and Environmental Statistics
Special Interest: Markov chain Monte Carlo Methods and Bayesian decision theory
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CD Lin Chii-Dean Lin, PhD
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Antoni Luque, PhD
Computational mathematics and Biophysics. Physical structure and ecological properties of viruses.
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Willa Fields Willa Fields, DNSc, RN, FHIMSS, PhD
Nursing Informatics
Special Interest: effects of information technology, evidence-based practice, and evaluation of hospital based performance improvement activities.
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photo_not_available Lembi Saarman, EdD, RN
Nursing Informatics
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A Baljon Arlette Baljon, PhD
Polymeric and soft matter physics
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U Sinha Usha Sinha, PhD
Medical Physics
Special Interest: Imaging Informatics
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photo_not_available Pamela Moses, PhD
Imaging Informatics
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RA Mueller Ralph-Axel Mueller, PhD
Imaging Informatics
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photo_not_available Claire Murphy, PhD
Imaging Informatics
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Public Health

S Brodine Stephanie Brodine, MD
Infectious Disease Epidemeology
Special interests: Tuberculosis
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JD Baek Jong-Deuk Baek, PhD
Health Management and Policy
Special interests: Health IT
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S Kiene Susan Kiene, MD, MPH
HIV prevention
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T Novotny Thomas Novotny, MD, DSc, MPH
Environmental impact of tobacco usage and complications with tuberculosis
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photo_not_available Robert Seidman, PhD
Medical Informatics
Special interests: Health Economics
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C Stoskopf Carleen Stoskopf, ScD
Medical Informatics
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